Award Winning Display Homes

     HIA     2015   ‘Display Homes’                          $200,001 to $250,000

      MBA   2015   'Excellence in a display home'     $200,000 to $250,000

Oregon 3

Judges Comments (MBA):  Format Homes has demonstrated excellence in exterior finishes, particularly the quality of the local sandstone facing and brickwork. The roof decking and stormwater disposal system was also installed to an excellent standard. The challenges of a rear south facing site, 6 star energy requirements and noise attenuation compliance were overcome using conventional materials and construction techniques. Overall this is a very well constructed and neatly detailed home.

      MBA   2013   'Excellence in a display home'           up to $180,000

McKinlay 3

Judges Comments:  The judges were impressed with the quality of external and internal finishes.  The quality of the work in the front facade of rock face sandstone veneer and brick quoins was excellent, spacious, 6 star energy efficient, entry level home offering great value for money.

     HIA     2012   ‘Display Homes’                        $150,000 to $200,000

Also nominated finalist for 'The HIA Sunday Mail Readers Choice Award 2012'

Miami 3

Judges Comments:  The 'Miami 3' represents excellent value for money and is well suited for the first home buyer.  The attention to detail combined with functional design and ample storage capacity makes this home a "standout".


     HIA     2012   ‘Display Homes’                        $350,000 to $500,000
Also nominated finalist for 'The HIA Sunday Mail Readers Choice Award 2012'

Manhattan 5

Judges Comments:  The 'Manhattan 5' is an extremely well-finished and detailed home.  It features a large master bedroom with a large ensuite and walk in robe.  THe judges were impressed by the quality of workmanship and finishes, and the spaciousness of this home.

     HIA     2011   ‘Display Homes’                         $150,000 to $175,000

Spence 3

Judges Comments:  The house is a stylish three-bedroom home designed for a compact allotment.  The home features high ceilings, generous master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite, and a bright kitchen and family room area.  The judges were most impressed with the high-quality workmanship carried out by the tradesmen.

     MBA   2011   ‘Excellence in a display home’           up to $180,000

Patterson 3

Judges Comments:  The'Patterson 3' by Format Homes at Playford Alive boasts character composition to the front facade and well-considered finishes both inside and out.  The home represents excellent value for money with a superior standard of external detailing and a well-considered internal layout.

     MBA   2010   ‘Excellence in a display home’          up to $200,000

Jenson 4

Judges Comments:  The 'Jenson 4' display home by Format Homes at Golden Grove demonstrates a high quality of internal and external finishes.  The spaciousness of this four bedroom home with dedicated home theatre was reinforced with 2.7m high ceilings and 2.4m high doors.  The 'Jensen 4' by Format Homes represents outstanding value for money amongst entries in this highly competitive category.

   MBA   2007  ‘Excellence in a display home’    $200,000 to $300,000

Grange 4

Judges Comments:  This home incorporates spacious living areas that are accentuated with higher than usual internal doors and windows allowing much more light into the living areas.  With a home theatre and fully equipped outdoor kitchen, this home represents true modern living and excellent building prowess.