‘We Pay The Rent’ Promotion



Relax and live it up while we take care of the rent. We’ll pay rent for up to 28 weeks on a 3-bedroom house to the median weekly rental amount in metro Adelaide while we build your new Format home. Cut loose, live large, dine out – there’s no need to go without!


Q) Who is eligible for the Format Homes rent paid offer?
A) This offer is currently available to any private person enquiring to build with Format Homes between 1/7/18 and 30/9/18, and signing a contract before 31/10/18, whether or not they are first homebuyers. The offer is not open to investment homebuilders, companies or businesses.

Q) How much rent is Format Homes offering?
A) Depending on your needs, we’ll pay as much as the median rent on a 3-bedroom home in the Adelaide Metropolitan area as reported by the State Government at March 2018 (see T’s & C’s below).

Q) How long will Format Homes pay the rent for?
A) We’ll pay an agreed amount for a maximum of 28 weeks while we build your new Format home.

Q) Are you kidding? This must be too good to be true!
A) No, we’re serious. But the offer is only available for a limited time, so enquire now.

Further Terms and Conditions – details for people who like to read some of the fine print

1. Full Terms and conditions are available from the Format Homes 4 display Villages – Lightsview, Seaford Heights, St Clair and Virginia Grove or by calling (08) 8423 3233.

2. Only available to new Format Homes private enquiry and contracts signed by 30/10/18.

3. This offer is valid for up to 28-weeks’ worth of rent, based on the below limits, or up to new home handover date, whichever comes first.

3 (a). Up to 28-weeks rent is based on the recommended HIA build time for an average home.

3 (b). Up to 28-weeks rent starts from the date of the payment made by the purchaser for the slab pour (first progress payment).

4. This promotional offer starts from the time it is advertised and teh offer ends on 30/9/2018, unless otherwise extended by Format Homes.

5. The weekly rent amount is based on:

5 (a). The SA State Government Quarterly Housing Report, median metro Adelaide rental prices, March 2018.

5 (b). 3 Bedroom Rental House = up to $360/week rent x up to 28 weeks = up to $10,080

5 (c). The lesser of:
i. The actual weekly rental amount of the purchaser’s current rental agreement, or
ii. Up to the maximum qualified rent amount for this offer as set out above.

5 (d). All prices include GST.